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Silvasons Supplier Equipment cleaning Post

Silvasons Hardware

Silvasons hardware is a family run business that was started by Peter da silva back in 1999. The Silvasons name is a break up of our surname SILVA and our Lucky mom only has SONS together SILVASONS the store is run now by the SONS and we have all been working together for over 20 years.

We are young fathers and understand the customer needs and problems. We are flexible with the business and do our best to adapt with the times still keeping the true customer relationships honest and understanding. Our slogan is “where you deal with family” and that should tell you all.

What are you looking for?

    Here at Silvasons Hardware, we put your first, we provide a
    delivery service straight to your door. If you dont want to drive contact us on our WhatsApp line and let us know what you require so we can get everything to your specification delivered straight to your door.

    Some of Our Suppliers